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Rules for submitting fan art, photos, and other inspired work.

We love it when fans share their passion for our shows through fan art, cosplay, tattoos, and other creative forms. Submit them here and we might share your creations with the world! Remember this is an open submission page. Please add your name and information on how to credit you. We at Cartoon Hangover and Frederator Networks ask that you agree to the Terms of Submission, AKA the Legal Stuff, before submitting.

Thank you for sharing your Cartoon Hangover.

Terms of Submission

Before you submit, please read the following Terms of Submission. If you don’t understand or don’t agree to these Terms of Submission, please do not submit your content.

1. You have permission to post this content

2. Distribution of the content that you post: By submitting content to this site, you give this site the right to copy, display, distribute, edit, and otherwise use the content by any means in perpetuity, including the right to distribute in advertising and marketing materials. You understand and agree that we may not be able to provide credit or attribution to you in connection with use of the content submitted by you and that you will not receive compensation for any display or other use.

3. Cartoon Hangover and Frederator Networks take no responsibility for mis-credited, uncredited, or similar art.