Cosplay Bee & Puppycat!

Cartoon Hangover wants the launch of the Bee & PuppyCat series to be all about YOU. Show us your cosplays, costumes and dress-up outfits of your favorite character from Bee & PuppyCat.

Upload your pics or video clips to vine, twitter, tumblr, instagram or facebook with the hashtags #PuppyCat AND #Cosplay before November 2nd. We’ll feature TONS of contributors on our videos and social media, and TEN of our favorite cosplayers will receive a PuppyCat Squishable!

How to participate: Post a picture of yourself in a Bee & PuppyCat character costume on vinetwittertumblrinstagram or facebook between now and November 2nd 2014.
How to win: One of these entries will be selected randomly and the winner will receive a PuppyCat Squishable as a prize. Winners will be notified via their form of submitted social media site, so make sure you check private and direct messages!


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