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Let the Bravest Warriors Inspire You—Submit Your Original Music!


We want our ears to hear your music—and we want to share it with the world! Compose, perform, and record your own original songs inspired by Bravest Warriors and submit them to us for consideration for Bravest Warriors Vol. 1: Music Inspired by the Series. We’ll feature our favorites on our YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers, and we’ll release the songs on an album that will be available on iTunes and everywhere else.

Let the space-time calliope free your mind, and draw inspiration from Chris, Beth, Danny, Wallow, Catbug, Impossibear to compose a song that could be chosen to appear on a Bravest Warriors album. Write songs about our characters and all the crazy moop that has happened so far in on the Bravest Warriors show. Maybe you’ll write the wedding march for Catbug’s Rebbeca and Sir Jeffers—that would be SO COOL.

You must submit 100% original compositions for consideration. We love Jay-Z too, but please don’t sample or remix his music in your submission. If you use any copyrighted music or audio of any kind—including music, sound, or voice from any  Cartoon Hangover video— we will not be able to consider your song.

In order to submit you will be required to agree to the following:

  • Your track is 100% original and features music, sound, and voices created and owned by you.

  • By submitting, you are not guaranteed to be selected for the soundtrack album.

  • If selected, you understand that Frederator will purchase your track for $250 and you will not make any more money from the song.

  • If selected, Frederator will own your track in perpetuity, and you will give up all rights to ownership and control of the song.

  • You give up your rights to claim that other songs that Frederator chooses may be similar to yours.

  • By submitting, you agree to sign a contract if your song is chosen by Frederator. If the song is written by more than one person, every writer will have to sign.

EMAIL US your submissions via YouTube, Dropbox, or WeTransfer links and with the subject line “My Original BW Music.”

DEADLINE: April 21 @ 12pm EST.

Good luck!

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