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The Bee and PuppyCat series is out! Haven’t seen it? Well, sheesh, you should sign up to join the Temp Team up so you don’t miss out! Not only will signing up get you an EXCLUSIVE glimpse at new episodes before the rest of the YouTube universe, but you’ll also get updates on all of the happenings around each episode premiere.

Sign up now, and we’ll send a link to the first TWO episodes of Bee and Puppycat, so you can catch up. Then, you’ll get updates on stuff like:
– Exclusive discounts on merchandise
– Be on a list to see EVERY new Bee & PuppyCat episode early
– Product giveaways – toys, clothes, plushies and more!
– Production updates and news

If you’re a KICKSTARTER contributor, no worries – you’ll get all of this info, too, as our thanks to you.

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